More than a Place to Sleep

with prasch buken partner architekten and Telluride

People have always travelled, both for business and pleasure. A variety of accommodation types have evolved from this, from chic boutique hotels to lonely mountain farms, from congress hotels to destinations for city trips, from classic highway motels to futuristic concepts without human contact. The hotel industry thrives on the power of eternal reinvention, because today's definition of hospitality is far more than just a place to sleep. How do you manage to create certain atmospheres, arouse emotions, seduce, but not forget user orientation?

For some time now it has become clear that architecture is a fundamental part of hospitality's recipe for success. An awareness of building culture has emerged on all continents, producing architectural projects of high quality with a strong focus on regional identity and context. After all, how do you combine tradition with the future for an authentic experience? Which recipes and strategies do you have to use in order to visually and structurally change generations or make a new start? What role do deceleration and sustainability play as marketing factors?

The range of hotel projects designed by the architectural firm prasch buken partner architekten shows how themed hotels that tell stories in special places offer unique selling points for clients - from hotel projects on a conversion site to a listed building in the middle of the city.

The hotel has always been a place of experimentation, reflecting the changing needs of society in extremely short cycles. The wishes of guests are also constantly changing. What is en vogue in hotels today can quickly change. This allows for a great deal of experimentation, but also for trend-setting. Innovative new concepts are in demand.

"Hospitality" is the key term underlying the concept for the Waldkliniken Eisenberg’s new ward block by Telluride. The English term for hospitality incorporates not only the word "hospital" but also the Greek word "hospis" for guest. Together with Matteo Thun, a holistically conceived hotel concept rather than a classic hospital has been created for the Bettenhaus. The new building functions like a hotel and the patients are guests - an unusual concept for a municipal hospital. For this, DEHOGA awarded Germany's highest hotel classification: 4 or 5 stars for a hospital building.

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